How I Got Customized Lanyards For My Department


Ten years ago I started working for this multinational company that I am still working at now. They were one of the companies that sent me an invitation to apply because I graduated top of my class in the university. They gave me a very tempting offer to work for their company which I wasn't able to turn down. And here I am after ten years still enjoying doing the work in that company. There are a lot of benefits that I enjoy there plus you also can't beat the high salary that they give to their premium employees.


A few months ago I was given a promotion. I was made head of the department that I started working at ten years ago. This is the second promotion that I have had there. I was thrilled and ecstatic to be able to receive such promotion. There are many plans that I have for our department. One of the plans that I have is to build the team identity and spirit in our department, click for more info!


One simple way that I planned on doing that is to have customized lanyards at for our department. What I did to engage our department is to get suggestions from them on what the lanyard would look like. Then we cast a vote on which design that we would like the most to have on our lanyard.


Then what I did was I looked in the internet for the different companies that offer custom printed lanyards. Of course I made the search specific by looking for companies that are based in our area or near our area. Then I made an inquiry from each of them about the price of their customized lanyards. Aside from that I also searched for reviews from such companies to know which ones are highly recommended by the people. Of course I only want the best for my department. Once I have researched this kind of information I then decided which company to get our customized lanyards from. I then placed an order from them for our lanyards. They gave great service because after just three days we were able to receive our customized lanyards already. It had nice print and nice graphics. I was very glad with my choice and my staff too seemed pleased with the customized lanyards that they got. So that is one way that I established team identity in our department. Discover more facts about lanyards at